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Daniel Craig Diet & Perfect Fitness Routine! Read Here

The English Actor Daniel Craig is the one who was seen portraying James Bond in the blockbuster movies like Casino Royale, Spectre, and Skyfall. After seeing him in such movies, he is like a fitness symbol for so many people all over the world. His fit body structure is loved by millions across the world and you might have seen in his latest movie Spectre, how much fit he was. He has incredible fitness and this is the reason that he is able to win the hearts of people. This 48-year-old actor has done amazing work and getting this kind of body with increased age is not easy for anyone. But he made it a reality and portrayed his talent and all the stunts perfectly in the movie. Are you also interested in having a physique like him? Do you like him just because of his looks and personality? If yes, then we are going to reveal everything about this star. You will be able to know about the daily routine and dieting plan after reading this post until the last line. You can also try that dieting system if you want to have James Bond 007 body. After searching a lot, we got the correct information about him so you can trust the information mentioned to her.

Daniel Craig Workout Plan:

To build a physique as he needed in his movie, Craig started training under his fitness expert. He designed an amazing workout plan for him and it was diverse as well so that actor can push the highest possible limits. Yes, he did the maximum amount of work which his body allowed. He set up a day-wise plan for his specific exercising routine. He performed some specific sets of exercises on the day and after that, he was also strict on his dieting plan. He started training hard so that he can have better stamina and strength. He also did some specific exercises to improve his upper body.


Before going into any workout session in the morning, he started beginning with his work out sessions with some warm-up exercises. He used to take weekends off so that he can do some stretching as well as cardio workouts such as bike riding, swimming, and hiking. He took his workout plans very seriously and he was never late for his work out sessions and he never missed any situation as well. This is a real commitment and it is very difficult to follow for any normal guy. But if you want to achieve the best body physique then you need to do what others are not doing. He was consistent enough to maintain a muscular body structure with high stamina and strength. His fitness trainer was always ready with some advanced exercising plans so that he can get better results.

Workout Routine Of Daniel Craig For Spectre:

The body statistics of Daniel Craig are:

  • Weight: 78 kg (172 lbs)
  • Height 5 feet 10inch 1.78 m
  • Chest 47 inch
  • Waist 31 inch
  • Biceps 16 inch

Starting with Monday, he used to do power circuit training which included exercises with 3 sets and 10 reps. Pull-ups, incline push-ups, triceps dips, weighted knee raise, weighted step-ups, clean and press. He worked on his chest and back on Tuesday and that included each exercise with 4 sets and 10 reps. Incline bench press, pull-ups, incline push-ups, incline dumbbell flyes.

He did leg workouts on Wednesdays and did every exercise with 4 sets and 10 to 12 repetitions. Barbell squats, straight leg deadlift, weighted lunges, hamstring curls. On Thursdays, he did shoulder and arm workouts. Every exercise included 4 sets with 10 to 12 repetitions. Incline biceps curls, dumbbell lateral raises, dumbbell shoulder presses, triceps dips/ bench dips. He again came back to his power circuits on Friday and that included the same exercises he was doing on Monday.

Dieting Routine Of Daniel Craig:

Powerful workouts are not enough for achieving the best body physic and this is the reason that he was also focusing on any diet plan regularly. Dieting routine is very important and it can play a vital role in your bodybuilding process. If you are not taking a proper diet then it can really harm your body and you will never be able to gain any kind of muscle pump. Read and so that you will be able to know about the dieting routine of Daniel Craig.

The first and the best thing he did for achieving the correct body structure was that he quit smoking and that was the real sacrifice. He also had to sacrifice all his lazy food habits and that was also difficult. He had to take a diet with proper nutrition so he can get the best results after doing workouts. Daniel wanted to be lean and fit and this is the reason that he started following a diet with low carbohydrates. He was mainly focussing on following a proper keto diet plan. In this process, you do not have to consume lots of carbohydrates and he started consuming plenty of vegetables, nuts, and salad.

Daniel started adopting a high protein diet so that he does not feel hungry all day. His muscle pump became much better just because of the high amount of protein he was consuming. He was taking egg whites, protein shakes, green vegetables, protein shakes, chicken and fish too. These were some good sources of protein and consuming them was very important for him so that he can get the required body figure.


Final Words:

Anyone can achieve an amazing body but you need to properly focus on your diet and then workout in the best way. You have to push your body towards the highest limit then only you will be able to get the best body. Daniel Craig gave amazing performances in so many movies and he followed a proper workout and dieting routines. This is the reason that he was able to look amazing and you can also get the same body.

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